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McNabs Island Ferry is proud to provide the best service and the best prices to the Halifax Harbour Island. Operating primarily from Fishermans Cove, Eastern Passage, we offer:
  • free parking
  • reduced fare - compared to the Halifax side of the harbour.
  • flexible schedule (load and go on demand)
  • Weekends and Holidays, departing Eastern Passage on the hour
  • quick six to eight-minute crossing to McNabs Island
  • plus, all the attraction of Fishermans Cove.
Return fares from Fishermans Cove to McNabs Island: Adults $30.00 including taxes, Seniors $25.00 including taxes. Children up to 16 are $20.00 - 5 yrs. and younger are FREE * Cash or Interac or Credit Card via Square.

The Harbour

  • Transport to/from the island from Fishermans Cove (Eastern Passage)
  • Hiking, biking, history, & nature tours
  • Bird & marine mammal observation tours
  • Family/group/club/co. picnics and parties.
  • Educational school field trips
  • Customized island hopping tours. Ask for details about Lawlors and Devils Island
  • Call for information about "Special" Cruises
  • Hourly charter rates: $120.00 including taxes for custom tours/destination/services. We can help arrange your party or picnic - ask for details.

    * Service pricing and tours are based on late spring, summer, and early fall. Late fall, winter, and early spring pricing and services offered are based upon the time of year and weather. Prices are subject to change without notice.

    For more information or to book your trip to any of the Islands, please phone Mike Tilley (Owner/Operator) Ph: 902-465-4563 If making advanced bookings, please call during the evening hours.

    For more information on the islands please visit the
    Friends of McNabs Island Site.

    Home Bound

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