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Guided History and Nature Tours of
McNabs Island, Lawlors Island, and Devils Island
in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada

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W E L C O M E - A B O A R D!


Join Mike Tilley (a.k.a. Captain Red Beard- you'll recognize him by his red beard and white rubber boots) on a harbour tour of the three islands located in the outer reaches of Halifax Harbour (right beside the community of Eastern Passage).

The Harbour
  • Transport to/from the islands & Fishermans Cove (Eastern Passage)
  • Hiking, biking, history, & nature tours
  • Bird & marine mammal observation tours
  • Family/group/club/co. picnics and parties
  • Educational school field trips
  • Customized island hopping tours
  • Call for information about "Special" Cruises
  • Captain Red Beard has gone to great lengths to come up with services and prices that he feels you will really like. The Captain also travels with his trusty camera and has taken some pictures over the last year that he would like to share with visitors. To see the Captain's pictures and those he has obtained, please visit The Captain's Gallery.

    For more information or to book your trip to any of the Islands, please phone Mike Tilley (Owner/Operator) Ph: 902-465-4563 or if you live outside Metro Halifax, Nova Scotia - call 1-800-ECO-ILND (326-4563)

    For more information on the islands please visit the Friends of McNabs Island Site.

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